Metal Detecting Sites & Finds

Working with Google Earth Placemarkers

The key to good metal detecting finds, is a good metal detecting site.

It's that simple.

The biggest problem people have is locating a site which has some history, is it takes time and research, we have the answer.


Metal Detectors Search CD-ROM will help you find 300% more artifacts when you are Metal Detecting.

Just because you will know where to look, and what you are looking for.


Hundreds of hours research and three years in the making, you are just a few clicks away from

28,000 Google Earth Placemarkers

Containing sites and finds which some people don't want you to see?

Metal Detectors Searcher CD-ROM is ideal for beginners and experts, a perfect starting point for Metal Detecting research, with satellite view of all sites.

We continuously update your link and regularly and add new Metal Detecting Sites & Finds.

British Archaeologists say Metal Detectors Searcher CD-ROM has made it far to easy

for you to access information relating to their reports of sites, finds and locations,

British Archaeologists say such a database should not exist.

Google Earth is without doubt the best resource available to the hobby of metal detecting,
I have spent three years developing this software so you can at the click of a button
see over 28,000 potential metal detecting sites.
  • Finds spots of Roman Coin Hoards.

  • Sites of Roman Villas, Forts, Buildings, Settlements, Cemeteries.

  • Finds spots of Bronze Age and Iron Age Artifacts.

  • Sites of Deserted Medieval Villages





Metal Detectors

Now with over 28,000 sites and finds

Metal Detectors Searcher CD-ROM & Instruction Book

Only £24.95

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Access and updates after one year £2.99 annually

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400 Google Earth Placemarkers

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Sites and Finds in Your Local County (Map click here)

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